Why South Lake?

It's working. Our achievement of incremental goals has allowed us to provide...

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela


South Lake Schools' vision is to create a school district, characterized by the quality of our staff, committed to working together with the community in a positive environment to prepare all learners for the future.

Mission Statement

South Lake Schools is committed to being a leader of excellence.

Belief Statements

All decision making must be based on what is best for children academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.

South Lake Schools is a community of learners and all members of the community have a right to succeed.

High expectations lead to high achievement. Attitude is more important than ability.

All members of the South Lake community are mutually accountable.

The diversity of our learning community is valued as a positive reflection of global society.

Teaching how to access information and how to examine information critically is more important than teaching specific factual knowledge.

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It's Working!

The South Lake School District continually strives to enrich our school system by achieving goals that positively affect students, parents, faculty, and the overall South Lake community.

*Dr. William Glasser is a world-renowned psychiatrist, educational consultant, and author of 21 books, including The Quality School.

Our Schools

  • South Lake High School
  • South Lake Middle School
  • Avalon Elementary & Preeschool
  • Elmwood Elementary
  • Koepsell Education Center


Why South Lake

South Lake District Schools

Why South Lake Schools

High School

High School

Journalism and Yearbook Programs

Middle School

Middle School

Why South Lake Middle School

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High School

Auto and Culinary Programs

Preschool & Elementary

Preschool & Elementary

Developmental Programs

High School

High School

Extracurricular Activities

South Lake implements unique programs at all levels of education that foster the development of valuable skills, insightful minds, and compassionate behavior.

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